Transferring iCORI Services to GHRR

As you may know, the conversion of all Global Companies’ customer accounts, products, and services to Global HR Research (GHRR) is coming soon. Though the transition will consist of a handful of stages on our end, we want to prepare you for all changes coming over the next several months by providing you with as much information and guidance as possible up front. We hope that by doing so we can limit the actions you will need to take during this transition process, including actions needed to transition your iCORI services in Massachusetts to GHRR.

Transferring iCORI Services to GHRR

Before GHRR can conduct iCORI searches in Massachusetts on behalf of your company, you will need to designate us as an Authorized Consumer Reporting Agency (or “Authorized CRA”) in your iCORI account. Please note that we will not be able to make this change for you, as it must be done by the employer within its own iCORI account. To save time and avoid you having to make additional changes in your iCORI account a few months down the road, we are asking you to designate both GHRR and Employment Screening Services (aka “ESS,” which is another Global Family Background Screening Company) as Authorized CRAs at this time.

How to Add GHRR & ESS to Your Account

Here are a few easy steps you should take to add GHRR & ESS as Authorized Consumer Reporting Agencies in your iCORI account:

1. Select the Manage Account menu option.

2. Select the Add Consumer Reporting Agency link on the Authorized Consumer Reporting Agencies page.

3. Enter the Consumer Reporting Agency Organization ID for ESS on the Add Consumer Reporting Agency page. The ORG ID for ESS is EMPAL12-00569.

4. Click the Authorize Consumer Reporting Agency button.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 above, naming GHRR as an additional Authorized CRA.  The ORG ID for GHRR is GLOFL12-08666.

Companies are permitted to have more than one Authorized CRA designated in their iCORI account, so we suggest leaving your current background screening company as an Authorized CRA on your account until you have completely migrated over to the ESS platform and no longer have any iCORI searches pending with your previous CRA.

Additional iCORI Resources

You can find additional information about iCORI services, including compliance resources and downable consent forms by visiting our Client Resource Library’s iCORI page at

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