Data Transfer FAQs

The Legacy Login will only be available for 90 days after you are migrated to our upgraded platform.  After that, you will have to request a data transfer via Option 2.

Q: How can I get my consumer reports from the legacy GHRR platform?

A: There are two ways to access these:

  1. Login to the legacy GHRR portal here: Legacy Login for retrieval
    1. Here, you may download all files by checking the box to select the reports you want and clicking the print icon.
  2. We can extract your data from the legacy platform and send it to you via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).If so, Submit a Request for Data Transfer Here
    1. We’ll contact you with instructions
    2. Be prepared to: complete a chain of custody form, pay a fee for services, accept and download files
    3. Below is the format:

      Client name folder
      ---applicant folder (name)
      ------applicant report html

Please note: we only retain our consumer files for a period of three years. As a file ages past three years, we permanently delete it. If you want copies of your historical consumer reports, we strongly recommend you download them at the time of migration.