General Questions

What is the monthly or annual cost of GHRR's services?

 GHRR generally does not charge monthly or annual fees. Clients only pay for the services they order.

Is there a minimum amount of reports we must order per month or per year?

No. GHRR does not have minimum ordering requirements.

Are we required to order from pre-set packages?

No. We can set up customized packages based on what clients need according to their internal background screening policies and procedures. 

Does GHRR offer an electronic or mobile platform?

Yes. We have an online system that clients can use for ordering background screening services and an online applicant portal that will allow applicants to authorize their own background checks.

Can GHRR integrate its website with my current applicant tracking system?

GHRR has the capability of integrating with several applicant tracking systems or platforms. Please contact for a list of our current integrations. We are continually adding new systems to this list.

Why do I have to provide GHRR with information about my company and to allow for an onsite inspection?

The FCRA requires consumer reporting agencies, such as GHRR, to engage in a reasonable credentialing process of our prospective clients before providing our services. This means we must take certain steps to ensure that your company is a legitimate business that has a legal purpose for obtaining consumer reports.

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