Questions About SwiftHire

How do I resend a SwiftHire link to my applicant?

The SwiftHire invitation queue will be able to resend individual or bulk reminders at any time. Simply login to your account and navigate to the SwiftHire tab. Locate the applicant, or select multiple, and click the Send Reminders link at the bottom of the queue.

What does it mean when an order shows as "Ready" under my SwiftHire tab?

This means that your applicant has completed their form and that the order needs to be reviewed before processing. You can do this by clicking on "Review." Once you've reviewed the order and are ready to send to GHRR for processing, just select "Order."

Why doesn't Swifthire work when my applicant tries to access it from their cellphone or other mobile device?

If you are using our classic SwiftHire product, we suggest asking your applicant to complete the forms with a desktop or laptop computer using a common internet browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Please note that GHRR has released a mobile-friendly SwiftHire product that will allow you to text your applicant a link to fill out their background check consent forms. If you are interested in SwiftHire Mobile, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

Is there a way to send automatic reminders to my applicants who have not processed their orders?

YES! Reminder notifications can be managed and updated under the SwiftHire Settings. Navigate to the SwiftHire tab, select SwiftHire Settings, and scroll to the middle of the page. Here you can customize reminder email language and create a series of reminders to be sent at timed intervals. 

Can the SwiftHire invitation be texted to my applicant?

YES! Our' SwiftHire 2.0 option can email and/or text your applicants. If you do not see this option when ordering a SwiftHire request, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

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