Questions About Motor Vehicle Records

Why didn't my applicant's MVR search return any results?

The information entered may not have been accurate. Please contact Client Care and we will be able to confirm with you that the applicant’s information was entered into the system correctly. If the information appears to have been entered correctly, Client Care might ask you to send an encrypted copy of the applicant’s driver’s license or to upload it to the applicant’s report to verify additional information. 

Why is the system not accepting my applicant’s information to order a MVR report?

Make sure that you are entering the applicant’s driver’s license number and not a car tag/license plate number. When entering the driver’s license number, only type numbers and letters - no spaces or special characters. 

How far back does the “MVR” search report?

This depends on the state in question, as the reporting laws for MVRs vary from state to state. The standard in many states is 3 years, but some allow us to search 5-7 years back. 

Does ESS offer a mass upload for MVR or criminal record checks?

Yes! We have the ability to order multiple reports at a time for both screenings. Please contact Client Care at for more information about this process.

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