Questions About Integrations

What should I do if get an error when submitting an order through an integration?

Contact our Client Care team at with details and screenshots of the error you received so we can start investigating the issue right away. You will always be able to place orders directly in the ESS system to avoid any interruption to your hiring workflow while we resolve integration issues. 

When will I see the results for a applicant back in my ATS? 

Most of our integrations will post a completed status and link to the report once all searches in the report are completed. Additionally, an email will be sent with completed results upon report completion if the user permissions on the account are set to receive results via email. You can reach out to our Client Care department at for more details.

I don’t see the platform we use listed, does that mean integration with ESS is unavailable?

The ESS Integrations team is happy to work with your ATS to see if integration is possible. It is ultimately at the discretion of the platform whether our systems can be connected. Reach out to your Sales Representative or Account Manager for more information.

How often do I need to perform updates to my integration?

There are no updates that should impact your day-to-day operation within the system. While some updates may be required, they take place during non-business hours, which means no interruption to your service.

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