Quick Guide: Branch Ordering

Ordering for branches allows an employee to log in with one username/password to order and view reports for multiple locations within an organization.

  1. Log into the ESS account with the given Username and Password. Click Order Reports tab to begin a new order.

  2. Click the Branch Order Button on the right side of the screen.

  3. Select the branch and the user the report should be ordered under. Note: whomever is selected as the user will receive the results once the report is completed. Click Order. 

  4. Once the system cycles, the applicant’s information may be entered and the background ordered as usual. Notice the ordering system notes where the order will be placed.


  1. To send a SwiftHire request for a branch, follow all of the steps above to choose your branch location. Once the page refreshes, click the SwiftHire Order button, right above the Branch Order Button.
  2. Enter the applicant’s information including their name, email address, and reference code (if applicable), then select a package. Again you’ll see that the ordering system notes where the order will be placed.
  3. Click “Submit” to send the request to the applicant. It will include a link allowing them to supply their own personal information. Once they complete the request, we will begin processing their report.


  1. Viewing other branch reports or reports listed under another user is easy. Click the report management tab, and at the bottom select either All User’s Reports or All Branch Reports.
    1. All Users = view all reports for all user’s within the location you are logged into
    2. All Branch = view all reports for all branches

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