Quick Guide: Managing My Profile

To access your account settings, click the My Account tab in the upper right corner and then click Profile. There are up to five different sections you can access here by using a separate link on displayed on the left-hand side of the page. 

Each of the following sections are described below:

  • My Account Info
  • My Results Delivery
  • My Password
  • Company Info
  • Reference Numbers
  • My Documents

My Account Info

This section allows you to update basic profile information about yourself.

  • User Information: You can update the name, phone number, and main email address for your account. This may affect the header on your applicant reports. Note that you cannot change your user ID that you use to log into the system.
  • User Options: If you are an administrative user, you can add and remove your own user permissions here. If not, you'll need to ask your main administrative user if you need access to a new feature.
  • Screening Statistics Report: Choose how often you'd like to receive the Screening Statistics Report via email. You can also run this report any time for any time period as explained below.

My Results Delivery

Use this link to change how you receive system notifications, as well as how often you receive them.

  • Communication Method: Choose how you want the system to send you reports and notifications. You can choose Email, Fax, Email & Fax, or Online Only (meaning you get no notifications at all from the system and must check online for notes and results).
  • Result Delivery Timing: These options allow you to choose how often the system sends you notifications about reports.  
    • Send Immediately: You will get an update each time a search is completed for an applicant. That is, if one applicant has 6 different searches, you'll get up to 6 different emails - one each time that one or more searches is completed.
    • When Report is Completed: You will get an update when the entire report is complete for the applicant. This is the most common setting.
    • Batch Searches: If you order a lot of searches, you can receive updates every two hours when searches complete. Any searches that have been completed since two hours ago will be sent to you in a single email
    • Batch Reports: This is just like the previous option, except that you will only get an email if one or more reports were completed in the last two hours.
    • Online: You will not receive any notification when searches or reports are completed. You will, however, receive notifications of updates or items that need attention, assuming you choose a communication method other than Online Only.

My Password

Access this page to update your password used to access your client portal. Just enter your old password, then enter your new password twice to confirm. Once you press enter, your password will be changed the next time you log on.

If you don't remember your password, you can use the Forgot Password? link on the client portal login page to retrieve it.

Company Info

You'll only see this link if you have administrative access. You can use it to modify the company name, email address, address, and fax number that normally appear as the return address on your final reports.                                                             

In addition, you can modify the accounting email and accounting fax which are used to send you invoices.

Reference Numbers

This tool allows you to set references that you can choose from during your ordering process to help you track your orders. If reference options are added, you will have a selection box on your ordering page containing all the options below.

My Documents

You can access any documents we have made available to you from this page, securely and conveniently. Just click any document link to download it to your computer.


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