Swifthire 2.0 Training Guide

Swifthire is a secure, cloud-based candidate portal accessible on any web or mobile-enabled device. Our enhanced mobile capabilities streamline your process to better engage candidates throughout the screening process. With intuitive mobile functionality plus full integration with our client portal, Swifthire helps improve both internal efficiencies and candidate completion rates – thus shortening your time-to-hire. More importantly, it just makes life easier for you and your candidates.

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The Training Guide includes information about:

  • Creating Settings for your Swifthire 2.0 Orders
  • Placing a Swifthire 2.0 Order
  • Applicant/Student Process
  • Viewing Pending Swifthire 2.0 Orders

If you have any questions that are not covered in this manual, we encourage you to contact us directly.

  • Client Care Toll Free Number: 866.859.0143
  • Client Care Support Email: results@ghrr.com

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