Questions about Data Retention

Going forward, how long will GHRR retain background checks and other related documents?

Three years.

Why three years?

We are tracking CA law, which requires us to keep certain consumer reporting information for three years.

Will reports and other documents that were created prior to this policy be deleted?

Yes. All reports older than three years will be deleted once the Data Deletion Schedule becomes effective.

Will there be any way for me to access reports once they are deleted from the GHRR web portal?

No. These reports will be completely and permanently deleted.

Will I be able to download and save reports to retain according to my own Data Retention/Deletion Schedule?

Yes. You have the ability to download and save reports from the GHRR web portal at any time. See for details about how to mass print reports.

What are the benefits of deleting consumer reports after three years?

There are two clear benefits to deleting reports according to a three-year retention policy, rather retaining them for longer periods of time or indefinitely:

  • Increasing digital safety and privacy of your past and current employees, applicants, volunteers, tenants, independent contractors, and all others about whom you obtained checks; and
  • Reducing your exposure to consumer class actions for technical violations of the FCRA.

What should I do if I need to retain access to reports for longer than three years and have not been downloading reports to save outside of the GHRR system?

We encourage you to contact your GHRR representative to discuss your options.

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