FAQs for Former PT Research Customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.      Why am I changing platforms?
As announced this past January, Global HR Research (GHRR) has grown significantly - through a combination of organic growth and high-quality mergers such as PT research and, most recently, Employment Screening Services (ESS). This expansion provides an opportunity for GHRR to give back to our customers by providing a platform upgrade for all PT Research customers.

2.      What should you expect?  

  • Greater flexibility for you and your candidates
  • Upgraded features to support your screening processes more seamlessly
  • Added compliance functionality – integrating more tools to help reduce risk
  • Expanded options for applicant tracking system integrations  

3.      Will we have a new username and password to log in?
Yes, after you’ve signed the new Service Agreement, you will receive a welcome email with your unique user ID to log in to the new platform. However, you will be prompted to create a new password the first time you log into the platform. 

4.      What happens to all the reports I ran on the PT Research platform? 
Your historical reports will still be available for viewing in your PT Research Account. However, your PT Research account will be updated to viewing rights only, meaning you will not be able to place new orders. 

5.      What happens to in-progress orders on the PT Research platform once we migrate?
The in-progress reports will complete as expected and be delivered to you per your PT Research user profile settings.

6.      Will we get two invoices after our account has officially migrated?
Our approach to the PT Research migration was to move accounts in pre-determined groups to provide proper support systematically. This structure has accounts moving at various times in the billing cycle, meaning part of the month’s reports will be completed and billed from the legacy PT Research platform. In contrast, the remainder is completed and billed from the GHRR platform. The good news is it should only impact one billing cycle, with all remaining invoices coming from GHRR.

7.      Will my invoices be different, and who do I pay?
Invoices are emailed on the first of every month for reports that completed during the previous month. The format is going to look slightly different than what you are used to seeing. Click here for a Sample invoice. Pay online via credit card by logging into your account here. You may also mail payments to:

Global HR Research
P.O. Box 638968
Cincinnati, OH 45263-8968

8.      Will my products and pricing change? 
Yes, there will likely be some changes as we move toward industry standardization with product names, pricing for AKAs, and pass-through fees charged by third-party providers. However, we have attempted to minimize any significant changes. We have provided a summary of your packages and prices in this document.  In addition, your Service Agreement document will include all package and a-la-carte prices. 

9.      Who do I call if I want to change any products or need help with building new packages?
We offer a broad range of background screening and drug testing products and services. Please email us at migrations@ghrr.com to arrange a consultation and one of our account managers will follow-up quickly with assistance. 

10.    Do I need to update my consent form?  

Yes, all consents will need to be updated. Please CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED DISCLOSURE & AUTHORIZATION. If you plan to FAX orders, please send them with this FAX COVER SHEETto 888-454-7679

11.    What additional features am I getting?
Global HR is offering a “Swifthire” upgrade to all PT Research Clients. This upgrade eliminates paperwork and data entry by having your applicants complete their orders online! Swifthire captures the electronic consent and all required information need for the background searches.  Ask your Account Manager about taking advantage of this opportunity, and they’ll be glad to activate it for you.

12.    How will my results be delivered once I migrate? 
As a standard procedure, results will be emailed to the user who placed the order. You will also be able to see the status of all orders on the upgraded platform.   

13.    The results are formatted slightly differently than what I had in the past. Why did this change? 
You will see a format change to your completed results. This is due to formatting settings that may differ between the PT Research and GHRR platforms. Our team is ready to help you if you have questions on your results – call us at 1-800-417-4669 or email migration@ghrr.com or CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE REPORT

14.    How do I complete a CORI?
You will need to authorize both ESS and GHRR in your iCORI accounts. Please CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO UPDATE YOUR Cori ACCOUNT. Be sure you are either uploading, emailing, or faxing your CORI consents (along with your orders) to us directly at orders@ghrr.com or 888-454-7679.

15.    How do I complete a New Hampshire Statewide Consent?
We’ve built the New Hampshire Statewide process into this system. If you are ordering via email or fax, please include this consent with your orders. You may CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW HAMPSHIRE CONSENT. We’ll have to have this before we can process your order. Using the new upgraded feature in the new system, Swifthire will capture the New Hampshire Consent Form for you! See the question about new features for more information.

16.    What is a Bundle?
A bundle is a package that you can make yourself. You can add a-la -carte items and even create a custom name! CLICK HERE FOR A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO CREATE A BUNDLE. For assistance, please email migration@ghrr.com or call 800-417-4669.

17.    Who will service my account? Will PT Research employees lose their jobs?
While phone numbers and email addresses may change, your account will continue to be serviced primarily by our team in Manchester, NH. In addition, we have three other Operations Centers located in different states, along with several employees working in remote locations – all so we can service you better and provide opportunities to our employees.

18.    Do I need training? 
We recommend you attend one of our training sessions to ensure you can take advantage of the upgraded features. The sessions are being held every Tuesday and Thursday through December. Click here to register.  

19.    Who do I contact if I need assistance?  We have set up a special Migration Hotline to make this transition as easy as possible. Contact at migrations@ghrr.com or call 1-800-417-4669.

20.    Where can I fax orders?

You can FAX orders to 888-454-7679, please send them with this cover sheet and consent.

21. How long will reports be available to view in my account?

GHRR deletes reports from our system three years after the report is created. For more information about our retention policy, please visit https://ess-kb.helpscoutdocs.com/article/1050-questions-about-data-retention.

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