FAQs for Migrating GHRR Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I changing platforms?

Global HR Research (GHRR) has grown significantly - through a combination of organic growth and high-quality acquisitions/mergers; first the acquisition in 2020 of Employment Screening Services (ESS) and most recently, the GHRR merger with DISA Global Solutions (DISA).  This expansion provides an opportunity for GHRR to give back to our customers by providing a platform upgrade for all customers at no cost. This upgrade will come in the form of a “migration” of your current legacy account over to a similar platform currently hosted by DISA.

So, what should you expect?

  • Greater flexibility for you and your candidates
  • Upgraded features to support your screening processes more seamlessly
  • Faster and more seamless customer support
  • Added compliance functionality – integrating more tools to help you reduce your risk
  • Expanded options for many applicant tracking system integrations

Q: What additional features am I getting?

Global HR is offering a “Swifthire” upgrade to all clients. Like Swifthire 1.0, this upgrade eliminates paperwork and data entry by having your applicants complete their orders online! Swifthire is mobile optimized which means candidates will receive both an email and text message and can choose to use a cell phone, computer, or tablet to submit their information. Swifthire captures the electronic consent and all required information needed for the background searches. We’ve already activated this feature for you – let us know if you have questions!

  • Labcorp Integration:
    • The new GHRR platform offers integration with Labcorp! This means our system will auto register your candidates for their drug test. Status updates will be provided in the portal as well:
  • Adverse Letter – 2.0:
    • Faster Pre-adverse and Adverse letter ordering at your fingertips! Email us at migration@ghrr.com to opt in for this service
    • For more information on how it works: CLICK HERE
  • New Hampsire Statewide:
    • A new feature in Swifthire 2.0 allows us to capture the New Hampshire Statewide consent without the hassle of paper forms. Ask your migration team about opting in for this!
  • Faster Service
    • By having all customers on the same platform, our service teams will be better able to serve you

Q: What will the migration process look like?

  • Our goal is to move everyone over in groups to offer the best possible service. You will receive multiple emails ahead of your migration date with details to be sure you are prepared. 
  • We recommend joining one of our live demos where you will have an opportunity to view the new system and ask questions! We’ll discuss the upgrades and differencesin the new system: SIGN UP HERE
  • On your migration date, you will receive a Welcome email – this email will contain your new user ID and instructions for how to access your new account
  • On this date, you will no longer be able to order in the previous system

Q: What integrations will you offer?

Are you currently using an ATS? Review our extensive integration platforms here and contact us at integration@ghrr.com for more information

Q: Will I have a new username and password to log in?

To minimize disruption, we have migrated your current user IDs to the new platform with minimal exceptions. User IDs must be unique, so your user ID could have added numeric values appended to the end if it matched an already existing user. You will receive an email with your new User ID on your designated migration date.You will be prompted to create a new password upon your first log in.

Q: Where do I login?

Go to www.ghrr.com and click login in the upper right-hand corner. Find the login button under the ess logo:

Q: Do I need training?

We recommend attending one of our training sessions to ensure your team is ready to use the new system before the cutoff date. The sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday at set times starting in January. CLICK HERE to register. 

 For your convenience, you can also watch a recorded webinar HERE

 The system training guide can be found HERE

Q: What happens to my completed reports on the legacy Global HR Research platform? 

Your historical reports will still be available for viewing in the legacy Global HR Research Account. Your legacy Global HR Research account will be updated to viewing rights only, meaning you will not be able to place new orders. For quick access to your previous reports, CLICK HERE to get to that login page.

Q: What happens to orders that are in progress on the Global HR Research platform once we migrate?

The in-progress reports will be completed and delivered to you per your currentuser profile settings.

Q: What is the difference between Swifthire 1.0 and Swifthire 2.0? 

To date, you may be using an earlier version of Swifthire, which facilitates the electronic consent process. The version you will see on the new platform, Swifthire 2.0, is a mobile-friendly candidate consent and order feature that allows your candidates to do the data entry for you! CLICK HERE to see the upgrades available with Swifthire 2.0.

Q: Will my products and pricing change? 

We have worked to map product offerings and configure packages to help support a seamless transition. The names of the products may be slightly different, which is why we have created a product map available here: PRODUCT MAP.

We are currently working on matching pass-through fees between all platforms. You may recognize some changes – if you have questions, please reach out to migration@ghrr.com or 800-417-4669.

Additionally, search level and package pricing has migrated with as little change as possible. Users with pricing permissions can log into the HR Portal and view pricing and fee schedules under “My Account.”

Q: Will my invoice and payment process change?

Your billing process will remain the same – you will either receive an invoice or process via credit card as previously processed through the legacy Global HR Research platform. The small change will be the address remittance or the billing company name on your credit card statements, which you may already be using. We will communicate with the billing contacts to ensure the information is updated, but it is included below:

Global HR Research
P.O. Box 638968
Cincinnati, OH 45263-8968

Q: Why did we get two invoices after our account officially migrated?

Our approach to the Global HR Research migration was to systematically move accounts in pre-determined groups in order to provide proper support. This structure has accounts moving at various times in the billing cycle, meaning part of the month’s reports will be completed and billed from the legacy Global HR Research platform while the remainder are completed and billed from the ESS platform. The good news is it should only impact 1 billing cycle with all remaining invoices coming from the ESS platform

Q: Who do I contact if I need assistance? 

The ESS Service Team is here to make this transition as easy as possible with a live person and email response rate in under an hour (within business hours). Contact Details are below:



Standard Hours of Operation are Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00 CST

Q: Do I need to update my consents? 

Yes, unless you are using the ESS Swifthire 2.0 process. Please CLICK HERE for updated exemplar disclosures and authorizations.

Q: How will my results be delivered once I migrate? 

We have migrated all user permissions and result delivery settings from the Global HR Research legacy platform into the new platform. Everything should be the same!

Q: The results are formatted slightly differently than what I am used to. Why did this change? 

You should not see a drastic change, but you could see some format changes to your completed results. This is due to format settings that may differ between the Global HR Research and ESS platforms (i.e. footers, vertical vs horizontal presentation, etc.) Our team is ready to help you if you have questions with your results – call us at 1-800-417-4669 or email migration@ghrr.com.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to make sure results are delivered to my inbox?

Be sure to have your IT department whitelist our domain to ensure timely delivery of results: EmploymentScreeningServicesLLC@screening.services

Q: How do I complete a Massachusetts Statewide (iCORI)?

You will need to authorize both ESS and GHRR in your iCORI accounts. Please CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO UPDATE YOUR Cori ACCOUNT. Be sure you are either uploading, emailing, or faxing your CORI consents (along with your orders) to us directly at consents@ghrr.comor fax to 888-454-7679.

Q: How do I complete a New Hampshire Statewide Consent?

We’ve built the New Hampshire Statewide process into this system via Swifthire 2.0. If you are ordering via email or fax, please include this consent along with the standard consents with your order requests. You may CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW HAMPSHIRE CONSENT. We’ll have to have this before we can process your order. If you prefer, you may use the upgraded feature in Swifthire 2.0. Swifthire 2.0 will capture the New Hampshire Consent Form for you! See the question about new features for more information.

Q: How long will reports be available to view in my account?

GHRR deletes reports from our system three years after the report is created. For more information about our retention policy, please visit https://ess-kb.helpscoutdocs.com/article/1050-questions-about-data-retention

Q: I can’t find my reports from the legacy system. How can I get those?

There are two ways to access your reports from the legacy system:

  1. Login to the legacy GHRR portal here: LEGACY LOGIN for retrieval. Here, you may download all files by checking the box to select the reports you want and clicking the print icon.
  2. We can extract the data from the legacy platform and send it to you via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Need all your data? Submit a Request for Data Transfer Here
    1. We’ll contact you with instructions
    2. Be prepared to: complete a chain of custody form, pay a fee for services, accept and download files